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Historical Restorations of Woburn, MA

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St. Mary Roman Catholic Church

St. Mary’s Parish was dedicated in 1999, and was the third St. Mary’s in the parish. By the late 1800’s, parishioners had outgrown the smaller St. Mary’s (now demolished). It was established in 1828 as the first Catholic church in Charleston. It stood not far away on Richmond Street (now Rutherford Ave.) near Union Street, and served both Charlestown and Craigie’s Point (now Lechmere’s Point) in Cambridge. Small, simple and beloved, it was only 26 years younger than the first cathedral in Boston.

Just like with any building, time and weather takes its toll on the exterior of the building, therefore it was time to have the exterior restored. The goal in restoring this historical church was to retain its original style and character. Stanley Painting restored this beautiful historical church by first washing it in its entirety, and using orbital sanders to strip off the old paint. A good oil based primer was used prior to wood filling and caulking the open seams and imperfections. It was then finished with a premium latex paint.

As you can tell by the photos there were many different angles and layers of metal and wood, along with the design of the windows and doors that made this a very unique project. This church project was an inspirational one to say the least. Knowing that the fruits of our labor are now within this historical building brings pride to our company and the community. The paint on this beautiful church will stay refreshed for years to come.

The Parish House

The Parish House at Saint John’s Episcopal Church is another historical building that we were blessed to restore. The Parish House is adjacent to the church. It was built in 1870 with an extension added in 1900. The Parish House is available to rent out, and offers a kitchen, a social hall, along with classrooms and meeting rooms. Throughout the years the weather had taken its toll on this historical building. Stanley Painting was beyond honored when asked to restore this historical house.

As your can tell by the before pictures, this Parish House is made of brick and wood. In order to restore the wood, we had to wash it, sand it, put a coat of primer on it prior to filling in the seams, and then repaint it. The yellow color we chose enhances the beautiful brick work on this building. We wanted to bring back the beauty of this historical Parish house, and make it inviting for all who enter here, and those who even drive or walk by.

During the process as shown in our pictures, you can see the team of dedicated painters take pride in the work that they are doing on the Parish house. Stanley Painters is committed to providing excellent customer service on all of our projects, but this particular project touched our hearts knowing the professional impact we made on the building, as well as the parishioners.

The Historic House On Sunset Road

This historic home, measuring 2,090 square feet, is located on Sunset Road in Winchester. Built in 1846, it has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. As with all buildings, weather and time can take their toll on its exterior. It was therefore time to have it restored. This historic home was restored from 1846 to preserve its original style and character. Stanley Painting restored this historic home by washing it in full and then using orbital sanders for the removal of old paint. Before wood filling in and caulking any imperfections or seams, a good oil-based primer is used. The wood was finished with premium latex paint.

Not only was this home restored on the exterior, but it was also restored on the interior. The photos show many angles of the home, along with the layers of wood that it took to build the home, as well as many windows and the front deck. This was an amazing and unique project. The home project was inspiring to say the very least. We are proud to see the results of our efforts in this historic home. This beautiful house’s paint will remain fresh for many years.

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