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Whether you need commercial or residential Paint Removal and Cleaning services, Stanley Painting is for you. Joe and his crew provide you with outstanding quality Paint Removal and Cleaning results. Joe prides himself in his extensive experience, as well as attention to detail. For all of your Paint Removal and Cleaning needs, give Stanley Painting a call at 781-933-0469.
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Stanley Painting has been in business for 32 years. We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Stanley Painting provides you with prompt and friendly Paint Removal and Cleaning services. You can expect us to provide you with a timely completion on all of your Paint Removal and Cleaning needs. For all of your Paint Removal and Cleaning needs, give Stanley Painting a call at 781-933-0469.
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- Caulking - Apply or Remove
- Deck - Waterproofing
- Deck Cleaning & Restoration
- Deck Finishing
- Drywall - Install
- Drywall - Repair
- Epoxy Resurface Removal
- Epoxy Resurfacing
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A part or a surface that is to be painted (or stained) on the outside of a building or house. Prep work could include scraping, sanding, wall or surface repair, taping, and priming, all of which can be done by a professional painter. Professional painters should be familiar with their equipment (scrapers, ladders, etc.) and typically would use a brush, roller, or spray gun to apply the paint or stain. Some crucial steps to make any painting project a success start with the preparation work, like the number of paint coats to apply, how much primer to use (and types of primers or paints), and what grits of sandpaper to use.

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